Gamma Health will manage the Bioincubator in Cáceres to promote companies in the biotechnology sector

The agreement for the Bioincubator in Cáceres was signed last Friday by Alberto Cantero, CEO of Gamma Health, and Miguel Bernal, general manager of Extremadura Avante. The event was also attended by the Regional Minister of Economy, Rafael España, and the Mayor of Cáceres, Luis Salaya. 

The place where this Bioincubator will be located has a surface area of 1,200 square metres and will contain a total of 8 laboratories (two common research laboratories and six for technology-based companies), six technical warehouses, four nest-offices, three bio-workshops, a meeting room and an area for the administration of the project. 

Bioincubator will offer a wide range of services including the promotion of innovative projects, implementation support and acceleration of knowledge-based companies aiming to generate high-value products or services in the field of biotechnology. 

In Cantero’s words: “In the coming months, and once the business plan and management model have been designed, we will begin to contact both public and private entities to develop their products in the Bioincubator. The idea is also to get sponsors who can provide funding and projects to help in consultative processes and to establish a network that will allow us to deploy the range of services we offer”. 

Finally, this project will enable both the city of Cáceres and Extremadura to retain the great talent of young people and workers in the sector, as well as positioning  Cáceres as an innovative and technological city with projects of great relevance at national level. 

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September 2021