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EV charging infrastructure
Our own universal charging network, available for all EV models.

Our goal is to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles and sustainable mobility by creating the largest network of fast and ultra-fast charging, allowing travel between territories with the widest coverage and in the shortest possible time. We are working to make electric mobility a reality and our customers can charge anywhere and at any time, relying on a platform that integrates the entire electric vehicle ecosystem.

Public charge

We are deploying our own universal charging network, accessible to all electric vehicle models, which allows us to guarantee the widest market coverage in Spain and the United Kingdom. In addition, we have a 24/7 customer service so that our customers can charge where and when they need it.

Urban charge and workplaces

We provide electric mobility solutions for companies in different sectors and public entities, with tailor-made solutions and turnkey projects. We offer a universal charging network for all models of electric vehicles, providing a transversal solution for workers, visitors and consumers.

Residential charge

We have private charging solutions with smart chargers that allow charging to be programmed according to the tariffs and needs of our customers. Our chargers have a power balancing system that distributes the contracted energy, avoiding the lack of power when it is most needed.

Charging platform

We have a self-developed digital platform, available to end customers and open to partners, which allows us to create value and modulate our services according to the needs of each customer. Our solution, available for Android and iOS, is fully interoperable and allows licensing and incorporation of third-party chargers.