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At Diggia, ethical behaviour, respect and teamwork are paramount.

We identify with excellence as a hallmark of our work and are constantly looking for inspiration in order to make a global impact and achieve our mission.

Every day we work and think of ideas to leave a better world to the next generations through two fundamental pillars: sustainability and innovation. Do you want to continue designing solutions that have a global and positive impact on the planet?

Global company

We think big and global. We are present on all 5 continents where we try to leave our mark wherever we go, fighting against climate change. We are more than 300 people united by the same purpose.

Professional development

We are committed to the professional development of each person, which is why we work every day on internal professional careers and training plans to continue growing.

Diversity and inclusion

Within the group you will have the capacity to learn and grow thanks to the diverse exchange of ideas and proposals, we promote diversity in all its contexts as it generates productivity and this leads to greater innovation and creativity.

Safety, health and prevention

All the people in our organisation are a fundamental part of the development of our activity, our best assets. We ensure adequate and healthy working conditions.

Pioneers in different industries

We have more than 20 years of experience innovating in different sectors such as renewable energy, telecommunications networks, and healthcare. We have innovative DNA and that is why we exist. It's not just about promises, it's about actions, as we have stated in our strategic plan over the years.

Work-life balance and flexible working hours

We are committed to the well-being of our employees, giving them the ability to choose to work partially remotely and with flexible working hours to improve work-life balance.