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SferaOne is a company that carries out projects globally, specialising in energy transition, developing consultancy, engineering, projection and execution works in the fields of Renewable Generation, Energy Efficiency, Smart Grids and Mini Grids. We are present in more than 10 countries on 5 continents, where we develop high-value innovative projects. We put our talent at the service of progress, and we work with effort and passion to turn any challenge into a challenge met. At SferaOne it is not only important what we do, but how we do it, and we are committed to project excellence and innovation as our hallmarks.

Renewable Energy

We participate in the entire value chain of a renewable energy project. Engineering, Legalisation, Due Diligence, Construction and Commissioning. We are specialised in photovoltaic projects, and we have experience in Wind and Biomass projects.

Energy Efficiency

We are specialized in industrial solutions, street lighting, HVAC systems and we offer audit services, supply and installation services for energy saving projects. Specifically, we carry out Energy Service Contracts (ESCOs), a financial formula for any type of energy efficiency project.


We have always believed in innovation as a driver of growth for society and our company. We are currently investing in technologies that will change the way energy and energy carriers are managed. We are committed to Storage and Green Hydrogen as two of the major transformations facing the industry. We are and want to be part of this transformation and that is why we are investing human and economic resources in transforming our future.

O & M

Our monitoring and O&M services are centralised in the control centre, using internally developed systems that provide projects with above-standard quality and availability and bring value to the market. We have more than 100 installations in our O&M portfolio located in different countries and with different technologies.

Mini Grids

We implement viable solutions in rural and remote areas with medium electricity demand, ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy in resource-scarce countries.

Smart Grids

We are committed to sustainable mobility by developing our own Electric Vehicle Recharging Deployment Network, currently the largest in Spain, with its own Operator and O&M work at the service of the product and the customer.