Key milestones

Discover the origin and growth of the Diggia Group in the fight against CO2 emissions.

Our history

We are a global group of companies founded in 2002 committed to developing sustainable and innovative solutions in response to the future and focused on ESG (environmental, social and governance) objectives. Our main objective is to reduce CO2 emissions through sustainable innovation and to be one of the top100 companies in the world to reduce carbon emissions.We work to fight climate change, to have a carbon neutral economy and a technological and sustainable society. To achieve this, we put the best professionals at the service of our business lines and our partners, thus achieving excellence in everything we do.

Since our beginnings, we have been present in all 5 continents, developing our activity with the commitment to contribute to the social and economic development of all the places where we have been present.


Origin of the group

Diggia and Gamma Solutions are born in Madrid, Spain. Focused on sustainable innovation, we initiated the deployment of fibre in Spain and developed our activity in the world of telecommunications.


Gamma Solutions Network

After several years of experience in telecommunications, we started to deploy the Gamma Solutions network in Spain. This network has provided fibre to more than 2.5 million homes in our country.


SferaOne is born

To our activity is added the possibility of adding another engineering company, this time in the world of renewable energy and energy efficiency.


Diggia International

We consolidate our international footprint. We open offices in Latin America.


UK deployment

We start operations in the UK.


Wenea is born

We set up innovation groups (think tanks) from which a strategic plan focused on electric vehicles emerges.


Wenea in the UK

Wenea enters the UK leveraging the Diggia Group's UK infrastructure and wins the innovate UK award.


Gamma Health and growth

Gamma Health is created.


The Bioroad

Thebioroad, a biotech startup incubator, is born.


Thebioroad is born

De la mano de Extremadura Avante y bajo el paraguas de Gamma Health, nace thebioroad, la incubadora de startups del sector biotecnol贸gico ubicada en la ciudad de la Salud de C谩ceres.

We work to make a better planet

Since 2002 we have wanted to make our home and our planet a better place. That is why we offer the most appropriate solutions for each case through innovation and with the aim of being 100% sustainable. From day one, we have focused on improving everything that surrounds us so that you can live with the highest quality and make our planet a better place.